Hole 1 : The hills

A row of small hills followed by a small rise make the hole number 1, a rather turbulent start

Hole 2 : The stones of lava

Attention to the hole number 2, with its decor of lava stone that must be carefully avoided to not make a leap backwards

Hole 3 : The Corsican tunnel

The departure of hole number 3 is quite steep and suggests that the arrival is just above. Surprise… or passed the ball ?

Hole 4 : Bunkers

The first obstacle of the course is done lava stones but watch , there are also bunkers to avoid. Beware of penalties !!!

Hole 5 : the springboard

A nice jump over the river. To you manage strikes to avoid falling into the net or out of the course.

Hole 6 :

Right turn imminent, attention to the chicane that precedes the

Hole 7 : The passage

Be careful, it's not that obvious. Aim well the hole and you'll save time

Hole 8 : Logs

Friends or foes, the logs are there !!

Hole 9 : The hallway

The hole is at the end, but some volcanic stones will slow you down. Do not type too hard …

Hole 10 : The barrels

It would be interesting for some adults to enjoy a good glass of wine, en gage, each time the ball did not reach the hole.

Hole 11 : pebble Chateauneuf du Pape

The rollers of the famous vineyards of the Côtes du Rhône decorated

Hole 12 : Twins

Can you imagine that at the beginning of this journey, arrival is so close ?

Hole 13 : The diamond

A passage in against-low before the second obstacle. A beautiful cut stone diamond.

Hole 14 : The gouilles

A short play by the river. If you type a little too hard … PLOUF

Hole 15 : Freestone

A rather original design for this course sprinkle with Lava Stone carved in the mass

Hole 16 : the 3 on 1

The most difficult 18 holes with obstacles including moose iron gateway to descend to the lower hole.

Hole 17 : The snail

No major difficulties on this parcour, except maybe dizzy before reaching the end.

Hole 18 : The Palm trees

Finally, we are the last hole that leads us to the end of the world surrounded by palm trees and fine sand.